Bespoke acoustic projects and Acoustic renovation

We started working with acoustic studios in 2013 and since then have taken on many projects, with every single one of customers extremely satisfied with our service. Our previous projects have predominately been home studios, where we converted unused space in homes into beautiful and high quality acoustic environments. We as a company are very interested in branching out and taking on new and innovative areas of construction, so acoustic studios were something we were very excited to take on, we have enjoyed working with every one of our clients on their project and are prepared to take on further branches of acoustic renovations.

To determine the best construction methods for a high-quality studio, we discuss your needs and ideas and then we consider the site conditions and isolated acoustic requirements. We then are able to provide a design with a sketch layout to illustrate our initial design and once everything has been approved and agreed on we will start working as soon as possible. We will find the best contractors for the materials and fittings for the studio and with our comprehensive interior and acoustic design, we cover all aspects of lighting as well as air conditioning and electrical services.